Down At The Dock

Down at the dock,
I dip my hand in your reflection.
You smile on me,
from another dimension.
It's beyond my reach,
but still I shout your name.
Just once, and then I pause,
listening for echoes of your arrival.

It seems that tonight,
the waves in the water are blocking
my alphas and betas and thetas.

Time to double down.
I commit to radiating passion,
look upon the heavens and cry again.
A halo of bugs buzzes and bounces
around each tendril of hair that rises
as if charged with static electricity.

Take me with you, I pray that
you never leave me behind again.

I feel my feet begin to rise
from the planks.
In a way that nobody
would even notice,
not at first anyway.

Your hooks are inside and
I groan as you pull on my organs
and challenge the hold of gravity.
Despite the agony,
my arms cannot help but to rise
to meet your embrace.

You kindly accept my worship.
You fill me with love beyond earthly expression.
and you lift me with greater urgency,
as we observe the streams of blood
now emptying from my veins,
running down my legs
and spraying across my toes.

Goodbye material coherence,
you were overrated anyway.

Look at me everyone,
I'm a shooting star in reverse.
Particles racing to my core,
coating my heart,
in pulsing plasma
glowing purple and green.

The sun takes a bow and
moves out of the way,
as I stretch from the waves
on the edge of the oceans
to the rim of the galaxy.

Gamma ray of excitement.
Beam of bulging, eternal erotic ecstasy.

I grow and infect the spirit of the universe.
I am a french tickler fomenting revolution,
and I joyfully spread chaos
in every cardinal direction
while all blurs and unites

You and I together,
the god that I always wanted to be.