the little rituals

How unique could my little rituals be? They can't be that unique, after all, they feel instinctual, like they have been handed down to me across countless generations.

The thought popped into my head as I was finishing up my morning shower. Standing there, by myself, naked, the warm water soothing my nerves, I ran my hands up and down my torso and around my neck. I tilted and stretched my tendons and muscles, grimacing as I massaged the little aches and pains that plague my shoulders. The discomfort that tells me that I'm out of shape and getting older is somehow never enough to merit any serious attention or change in lifestyle. My morning shower stretch is a little ritual, in that I do it every day in a similar fashion, but never significant enough that I give it any conscious thought nor do I bother to call it a habit. It just is.

What else do we do in such a way? What little rituals fill in the hours and minutes of our day? If our life is like a glass jar, and big momentous events and occurrences are like rocks that we purposely or accidentally place into that jar, and furthermore, if the smaller events that we take for granted, such as commuting to work or conversations with friends are the pebbles that drop into that jar on a daily basis, then surely the little thoughtless routines, those little rituals of our existence are like the sand and dust that completely fill the jar.

What are your little rituals?