BogotaConf 2011

I talk about how the integration of Lean Startup techniques into software development represents the next big evolutionary leap in productivity after Agile.

Making the Leap to Ruby (2011)

I talk about escaping the "golden lock" of Java and making the leap into Ruby. Recorded during a Hashrocket book club session covering the book Apprenticeship Patterns by my friends Dave Hoover and Ade Oshineye.

Mastering the Art of Application Programming

My keynote for Rails Summit Latin America 2009. Probably one of my best performances ever.

Bizconf Interview (2011)

A silly little bit in which I interview myself about my upcoming business conference.

The Steve & Obie Show (2008)

This is what happened the one time Steve and I got drunk together and filmed a video podcast. It was our first and last episode on account of the next day's headache. Which incidentally, was not due to being hung over. Watch and witness a little bit of priceless idiocy.