I started spinning records when I was 14 years old.

Club music has fascinated me my whole life. As a child I was into both original disco and dance music of the era, as well as (especially) remixes of eighties pop and new wave that were popular on the radio. The summer before freshman year of high school, I got my first job on Main Street in Hackensack and spent most of what I earned buying 12" vinyl and audio equipment. It wasn't long before I was DJing little house parties and church/family events. I eventually moved on to playing out at clubs, raves and bigger events.

25 years since those humble beginnings, spinning music is still one of favorite hobbies. Although I play digitally these days, my vinyl record collection has continued to grow over the years and numbers over 5000 items, including some rare old-school techno and IDM.

I stay current with diverse source material ranging from pop/rock to dubstep, and from all kinds of house to techno and trance. This page features a selection of original un-edited mixes, all recorded live at parties or in one take at home.

Find all my mixes at http://soundcloud.com/obie and http://www.mixcloud.com/obie/


Giving it to the crowd, Superstar DJ style. Notice the involuntary fist pump action going on with my friend over there next to me.